Pre-Charging: Before charges are filed, you should not make a statement to the police without an attorney present. An experienced attorney can provide the police with the information you want them to know without sacrificing your right to remain silent.

Bond: This is the amount of money you have to put in trust with the county to be free while your case is pending. This amount will initially be set by the Court when charges are filed, but it can be reduced at a bond hearing, where your attorney can present evidence and make arguments on your behalf.

Investigation: I’ll begin your defense by finding out what evidence the State has, and assessing the best way to combat it. I’ll review the ways they gathered their evidence, interview their witnesses when necessary, and look for evidence that helps your case.

Plea negotiations: Trial is not always the best option. Negotiating a plea can limit the penalties you face and may result in reduced charges. What’s important is that you understand all the different risks and outcomes between a trial and a plea before you make a decision.

Expungement: Whether you are convicted of a felony or found not guilty, the State keeps records that are accessible to employers unless you take action. Indiana now allows criminal records to be expunged from public access. It is a process that is not often lengthy and can be simple if handled correctly.

You and your family should not face this process alone. Contact me today so I can begin helping you.